The Theory Of Threology

Throughout history our judgement has been impaired by two dimensional  theories of balance. Threology proposes that the world is more complicated than black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. Threology suggests that true balance is three dimensional.

The number three is intrinsic to nature. For example our perception of time is past, present and future. Time is quantified by the cycles of three planetary orbits, the earth, the sun and the moon. The number pi (3.1415...) is elemental to cycles and is therefor crucial to the existence of life. All matter is in a state of solid, liquid or gas, and is atomically comprised of protons, electrons and neutrons. Even you are mind, body and spirit.

In music a chord is defined as three notes working in harmonious balance. If we are to live in harmony we must balance a three dimensional perspective. We must recognize that beliefs are distinct to the individual. The sooner we abandon simplistic ideologies like good and evil, the sooner the world will find balance and peace. Welcome to the third millenium. Welcome to the limitless possibilities of threology.

Mark Boone



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